These are a few words that people use to describe Darlene


How did we do?

comment iconFelt involved and the time went fast.
comment iconVery well! Motivational, uplifting, energetic and informative.comment iconDarlene inspired me to be all that I can!
comment iconVery well organized. Darlene added lots of value to our lives.
comment iconGreat and very clear. Loved that she worked her system.
comment iconA great presenter, her energy and passion is evident.
comment iconVery enjoyable and well worth attending.

What did you enjoy the most?

comment iconDynamic, personal, entertaining and Interactive
comment iconPositive energy
comment iconI enjoyed her passion

comment iconLove the easy follow up sheet with concrete action steps
comment iconInteractive methods


I enjoyed listening to Darlene during the Women's Panel at Ignite in Vegas this past weekend. My mind is flooded with inspiration and excitement for the year ahead and much was due to the stories, insight and shared passion. I sure appreciate all of the greatness she contributed during this event.
Happy St. Patrick's  Day Darlene. You're hilarious all of the time and you're the life of the party. Keep making us laugh!!
Darlene is awesome! She has a clear and easy way of presenting the material!
Great job! Very clear, concise and helpful.
Loved how you stayed on topic and took the time out to answer all questions.
Good presentation. Lively and enthusiastic.
She is really AWESOME!!!!! 
Great presenter.  She really made things interesting, and fun throughout the training.  Hope to have her again as the presenter!
Presenter was very clear and knowledgeable.
Darlene is very knowledgeable and organized in her presentation.  I am sure I will listen to more than a few times.
Nice job warm and supportive trainer!!! 
Very energetic and happy, I loved it.
Great knowledge base helped me tremendously.
Thank you Darlene you helped me see a more clear picture and path that we will be heading down shortly!! I'm excited to CRUSH IT!!
Very helpful overview, makes everything less intimidating! Thanks.
Darlene always makes the seminar exciting. She leaves you ready to go after it and CRUSH it. Thanks for having her present !!!!
Darlene was awesome...explained everything clearly.
Great presenter, very thorough in explanations.
So I started a new coaching program today with the amazing Darene Smith. I highly recommend anyone who is ready to do a mind flip and get moving forward with some awesome guidance and support to check it out. As a coach myself, I practice what I preach and suround myself with positive coaches and mentors to help me move forward. Darlene has always been at the top of my list. 

If you're looking for a dynamic speaking that will entertain, energize, and invigorate your audience then look no farther than DarleneSmith. She has the wonderful gift to impart important knowledge while having fun. Darlene not only talks the walk, she walks the talk with her enthusiasm for life. Her joy for life in infectious. Her presence will make any conference and/or event more successful because she unselfishly helps others have fun. It is no surprise that Darlene Smith is a sought-after speaker because of her "live in the moment attitude". You will not regret hiring Darlene Smith.
Darlene did an awesome job presenting today. Darlene remained energetic the entire time, which made me excited about the business and material.  Thanks Darlene!!!!!
Very clear and easy to understand presentation. Positive and encouraging. Thanks! 
Very good.  Learned a lot and I am implementing.
Thank you for your encouragement and sharing the insights! The presentation was very helpful and informative.
Great presentation, knowledgeable and very confident!!!
She is very upbeat and energetic.  Looking forward to any future trainings she hosts.
Darlene has a great presence during the trining.  Speaks up and get you excited with her voice of excitement.
Thank you for propelling me forward!!
She knock it out the park, best one yet for me.. The way she explaned everything was great.
Great at explaining.   AWESOME ATTITUDE!!!
Very enthusiastic and positive presentation.  Crushed it!
Darlene answered a lot of my questions i didn't even have to ask.  
Will have fun practicing the many suggestions.

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