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Darlene Smith
International Award Winning Speaker

Darlene inspires others to achieve more success and happiness by sharing her experiences and energising her audiences with a natural and up beat enthusiasm. Her high energy, fun and humorous personality creates an entertaining atmosphere with a powerful message at every conference or event she has and will have an opportunity to serve as a speaker.
Her dynamic personality and wealth of experience has the potential to transform any audience participants to tackle every day challenges in a positive, proactive way.

Darlene always makes a point in her words resonating with her audiences, making participants feel as though she is speaking directly to them. With a firsthand understanding of where they are and where they want to be, Darlene has developed a unique and interesting way to deliver important mindset and motivational concepts that have and continue to move her audiences to a high level of excitement.

She has a strong dedication and passion to help people wear more smiles and is on a personal mission to create the most powerful emotional experiences for attendees, making the conferences and/or events stick in their minds for a long time after. 

"I help people get out of their own way and experience more happiness in life and business fast"

- Darlene Smith

More about Darlene

Her personality resembles a sponge when it comes to absorption of knowledge and she bears this responsibility to share her precious knowledge to light up others' lives. She believes in following a system if you want to attain success. 

Darlene has used her expertise as Speaker and Trainer going from Flipping Houses to Flipping and working on people's MINDSET. She believes that everything starts and ends with your mindset. 

She possesses a wide skill set including expertise in the topics of Entrepreneurs, Mindset, and Communication Skills. She is truly a team builder and lead from the front. She has an all embracing experience of 15 years in Senior Retail Management and her entrepreneurship passion which includes opening 3 special care facilities.

She is extremely compassionate and her motto is to serve others, share her passion to transform others' lives. Darlene finds giving back to the community very rewarding and volunteers with many organizations, juggling many things.

She is goal oriented and has a firm focus on nurturing positive mindset and perspective. Her favorite quote is "What you Focus on Expands". Darlene loves to teach the value of setting up systems that are cost efficient, productive and smart.

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