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Topics: 1. Mindset    2. Entrepreneur Tips    3. Just System it

7 Reasons to have Darlene on your Stage

  1. "In the Moment" speaker

  2. She keeps your audience on the edge of their seats with her humour.

  3. She is a world class presenter.

  4. Always gets her audience involved with participation.

  5. She will inspire, influence, and demonstrate how to create the habit of a positive mindset.

  6. She shares her 3 E's. Catch her enthusiasms, inspired by her energy and enjoy her being entertaining.

  7. She is easy to work with.

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Darlene is available for any of your events:

• Audience of any size 20-1000’s

Keynotes 45 min – 1 hour
• Breakout sessions 45 min – 1 hour
• Luncheons 30 - 45min
• Conventions
• Conferences
• Workshops half days
• Masterminds
• On site trainings. Will travel to your location
• Entertaining Fundraising Auctioneer


These People Have Changed Their Lives

If you're looking for a dynamic speaking that will entertain, energize, and invigorate your audience then look no farther than DarleneSmith. She has the wonderful gift to impart important knowledge while having fun. Darlene not only talks the walk, she walks the talk with her enthusiasm for life. Her joy for life in infectious. Her presence will make any conference and/or event more successful because she unselfishly helps others have fun. It is no surprise that Darlene Smith is a sought-after speaker because of her "live in the moment attitude". You will not regret hiring Darlene Smith.
I enjoyed listening to Darlene during the Women's Panel at Ignite in Vegas this past weekend. My mind is flooded with inspiration and excitement for the year ahead and much was due to the stories, insight and shared passion. I sure appreciate all of the greatness she contributed during this event.

Guess speaker Darlene talks about MINDSET

Guess speaker Darlene talk about "Surround Yourself with the RIGHT people"


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