Daily Mind Menu System

Learn to control what you feed your mind each day

Start your day off by feeding your mind with positive thoughts.
Develop an attitude in which you always expect positive outcomes.
Daily snacks you can order up whenever needed during your day.
How to end your day with the right actions.

Are overwhelming anxieties and negative thought patterns holding you back?

In as little as 4 Session, you will learn how to feed your mind with positivity on a daily basis habit, no matter what life may throw your way! Darlene will walk you through her Daily Mind Menu System and teach you the techniques that are used by happy successful people.

Give yourself the gift of this fastest, easiest way to remove those TOXIC thoughts once and for all.

Course Outline

week 1 Daily Mind Menu System

Session # 1 Appetizers

Appetizers are to get you ready for the main course, but they also get your digestive juices flowing so you can enjoy your meal more. In the first session, called the Appetizer course we will get you  working on your positive thought patterns by

  • Learn on day one how to start your day with a positive mindset that cannot fail.
  • Find out on day two the secret that keeps people from becoming depressed.
  • On day three you’ll learn the thing that millionaires say start to make the mindset change to make their fortune.
  • On day four you will be starting to build your future with a pen?
  • Find out the three mistakes that people don’t understand that it costs them their happiness.
  • Learn one habit changing technique that makes your friends excited of your success.

You can learn this and more ALL IN THE FIRST SESSION.

Week 2 - Daily Mind Menu System Session # 2 Main Course

  • Learn about Menu items to add as the “Main Course”
  • These are the items that take the most time during your day
  • Focus on positive Thinking and Attitude
  • Learn what words should be remove from your speaking, writing and thoughts
  • How your beliefs about yourself determine your level of your confidence
  • Develop an Attitude in which you always expect good results
  • Continue to fill in your Personal Mind Menu

Week 3 - Daily Mind Menu System

Session # 3 Snacks

  • Learn about Menu items to add as “Snacks”
  • As your day passes by, there are times you need to stop, have a “snack” to keep your mind positive
  • Focus on Worry and Patience
  • Sometimes the patient route directly leads to a bigger payout.
  • Learn how Patience helps us make better decisions
  • Items you can order any time you need
  • Remember to celebrate your wins!
  • Action Items!!

Week 4 - Daily Mind Menu System

Session # 4 Dessert
Learn about Menu items to add as “Dessert”

  • Learn how to END your day on a positive note
  • Focus on Gratitude and Appreciation
  • Learn how increasing your Gratitude can help you to be Happier
  • Do you take what you have for granted?
  • Complete last part of your daily “Personal Mind Menu”
  • Continue to order daily from your Mind Menu!

4 sessions of training for only $ 20.00

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