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Darlene is known as the 3 E’s speaker, and her audience benefit from all 3.




Meet Darlene


Darlene Smith
International Award Winning Speaker

Do you or your team want to be inspired to achieve more success and happiness?

Do you want your team to have a step by step plan to achieve their goals while reducing stress and having more time off?

Then Darlene is your speaker for your next team meeting or corporate event. By sharing her experiences and energizing her audiences with natural and upbeat enthusiasm. Her high energy, fun and humorous personality creates an entertaining atmosphere with a powerful, proven message at every conference or event.

Darlene’s dynamic personality and wealth of experience as a speaker to hundreds of audiences from real estate to girl scouts she delivers the message that will transform all participants to tackle every day challenges in a positive, stress-free, and proactive way. 

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Kind words from the participants

If you're looking for a dynamic speaking that will entertain, energize, and invigorate your audience then look no farther than DarleneSmith. She has the wonderful gift to impart important knowledge while having fun. Darlene not only talks the walk, she walks the talk with her enthusiasm for life. Her joy for life in infectious. Her presence will make any conference and/or event more successful because she unselfishly helps others have fun. It is no surprise that Darlene Smith is a sought-after speaker because of her "live in the moment attitude". You will not regret hiring Darlene Smith.
I enjoyed listening to Darlene during the Women's Panel at Ignite in Vegas this past weekend. My mind is flooded with inspiration and excitement for the year ahead and much was due to the stories, insight and shared passion. I sure appreciate all of the greatness she contributed during this event.

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